DWA sewage sludge days 2019 in Würzburg

From 21 to 23 May 2019, the DWA sewage sludge days took place in Würzburg. Since 1999, they have become a firmly meeting place for wastewater experts. For example, the extent to which the new Sewage Sludge Ordinance can lead to a state of emergency in the disposal of sewage sludge was discussed, as well as which possibilities for the required phosphor recycling exist. In total, more than 500 participants and 50 exhibitors participated in the event.

DWA sewage sludge days 2019 in Würzburg

If the heavy metal limit values are complied with, the ash has properties that correspond to the DüMV. Particularly noteworthy are the high solubilities of the phosphor contained, as well as the required fineness. The ash can thus be used directly and be placed on the market e.g. via a fertilizer manufacturer. Carbotechnik has an experimental site (size for approx. 8,000 to / a 25% TS) in which individual sewage sludge can be tested and proof can be provided to the pre-construction of a turnkey thermal recycling plant for sewage sludge.

You had no time to participate to the conference? Please contact us. We are also happy to come to you for a personal conversation.

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