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Rheinkalk GmbH Wülfrath, site Flandersbach

Flandersbach Plant
Rheinkalk is a young and dynamic company, which emerged from the two older companies Rheinische Kalksteinwerke and RWK Kalk AG under the umbrella of the world's largest lime producer, the Belgian Lhoist Group.
In Flandersbach, the natural raw material lime is used to produce a wide range of products for a broad range of applications (iron and steel, chemical, construction, air cleaning, water treatment, agriculture and forestry)

Damaged by fire, the dosing system for two shaft kilns was replaced. Among other things, this included the fluidisation air blower including piping, rotary feeders, valve plate and pivot flaps for silo unloading, fittings, piping and compensators to the existing conveying air distributor, dosing system external filter incl. scrubbed gas lines.

short descriptionDosing systems for shaft kilns
capacity kg/hour6000
transported materialPulverised lignite

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