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Dorfner Gbr. GmbH & Co., 92241 Hirschau

Flash calcination

Dorfner is a German company which specialises in refining kaolin and crystal quartz sand. Kaolin and crystal quartz sand are obtained from the company's own open-pit mines and used to produce high quality industrial minerals through sophisticated processes.

The newly installed flash calcination system is used to produce valuable filler materials for the paint, plastics and specialty paper industries out of kaolin.

A calcinator developed by Carbotechnik is used for the manufacturing processes. The kaolin is injected axially into the specially designed funnel-shaped combustion chamber. The inflowing hot gas at a temperature of around 1,400 °C mixes with the inflowing material very quickly and heats it up instantaneously. The trapped crystallisation water is released. A component which determines the whiteness level is sintered to the resulting amorphous and/or porous particles.

Dorfner also relies on the proven Carbotechnik dosing system. The dosing system ensures a continuous, uniform and highly precise supply of raw material in the combustion chamber. An important factor in meeting the high quality standards.

In addition to supplying the calcinator and dosing system, Carbotechnik was also awarded the contract for engineering the entire E-I&C system. Carbotechnik provided the complete installation, control cabinets and the process control system with visualisation. The system was equipped with a secure remote access (VPN) connection.

On-time completion and the excellent collaboration with Dorfner certainly helped to ensure that Carbotechnik has already been awarded another contract.

stat. pressure abs.1 bar
power MW1
hot-gas temperatur1500 °C
combustibleNatural gas

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