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Getec AG, Magdeburg HH Isola GmbH Düren

ISOLA GmbH produces one of the widest assortments of high-quality laminated and prepreg products for circuit board applications.

GETEC AG from Magdeburg took over the existing heat production as a contract energy provider. Carbotechnik technology and engineering services were used for conversion of the heat production system from natural gas to pulverised lignite firing. A complete pulverised lignite boiler system including peripherals and new boiler house were built. The high availability and long-term planning of the thermal energy costs allow ISOLA GmbH to focus on its core business and to improve its competitive advantage. Combined with the high quality flue gas scrubbing system, the innovative firing technology allows the system to operate well below the applicable emission limits according to TA Luft.

productHot water
power4 MW
steam output- t/h
data15 bar 186°C
combustiblePulverised lignite

The firing system was shown to achieve an efficiency of over 92%.

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