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Getec AG, Magdeburg Xella Köln-Porz

Xella Deutschland produces Ytong aerated concrete, Silka lime sandstone and Multipor mineral insulation panels at over 29 sites and has around 1,200 employees in Germany. Xella is the market leader in Germany in the field of highly insulating and solid wall construction products and mineral insulation panels. Ytong aerated concrete combines a high level of insulation, load-carrying capacity and fire protection in a single product.
A lot of steam is required on an intermittent basis for the production of aerated concrete blocks. In order to minimise the investment costs for the customer, a low burner output was combined with a large boiler volume, which can provide correspondingly large steam reserves for short periods.

productSaturated steam
power6,6 MW
steam output10 t/h
data20 bar 215 °C
combustiblePulverised lignite

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