Dosing systems

Carbotechnik dosing systems for fluidising, dosing and pneumatic conveying

The Carbotechnik dosing system is designed for the continuous dosing and conveying of pulverised fuels and bulk materials, such as coal dust, limestone dust, wood dust, kaolin dust, bio dusts and other pulverised materials in combustion and processing systems. The amount of dust to be delivered is continuously adjustable to a very high level of precision and is conveyed pneumatically by a carrying air flow.

The technology makes it possible to deliver a uniform, constant supply of special fuels in compliance with the most current safety and firing technology requirements, and to generate a low-pulsation combustion process.

Functional description (short form):

As a rule, the dosing system is located below the storage silo and is filled via a rotary feeder.

The dosing system consists of a cylindrical vessel, which can be designed to be shock pressure resistant to 10 bar. The bottom of the machine, which is filled to about 2/3 with product during operation, consists of a so-called fluidised bed. A blower (fluidization air blower) pushes air through the bottom of the fluidised bed from below at a low velocity. The material above the bed is fluidised. During fluidisation, the material expands by approx. 1/3 and takes on fluid-like properties.

One or more - depending on the design - horizontally oriented dosing discs are located in this fluidised dust. The holes in the dosing disc fill with the fluidised material in the fluidised bed. A conveying pipe is routed in from below and blows the material up out of the filled holes into the conveying pipe from the dosing system. Pneumatic transport is provided by a blower. The required delivery rate is controlled by regulating the speed of the dosing disc drives.

This is in fact a case of volumetric dosing. However, it is a very close approximation of gravimetric dosing since the density of the fluidised product remains constant.


Dosing quality:

The dosing output is continuously variable in proportion to the drive speed and guarantees an absolutely uniform dosing rate.

  • highly accurate dosage and wide range of dosage
  • uniform and pulsation-free transportation
  • reliable and low-maintenance operation
  • flexible quantity and capacity of the built-in dosage unit in a dosage machine
  • self-contained PLC controll with a data interface for BUS connection in an existing process control system




Technical details

The machines are designed and dimensioned according to customer requirements,
so the following benchmark data can only serve as a general reference.

Conveyed media: fluidisable, pulverised material
Equipment: in accordance with ATEX directives
Construction type: Shock pressure resistant up to 10 bar
Max. number of dosing units: 26
Max. number of outputs per dosing unit: 2
Max. number of conveying outputs:     52
Dosing/delivery rate per output: up to 20.000 kg/h


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