Inauguration of a high-efficiency cogeneration plant
At Schoellershammer in Düren

Carbotechnik supplied the engineering for the two dust-fired flue boilers, the dosing and conveying system, and the burners for this plant. The plant has been running with no disruptions and to the end customer?s satisfaction for some months already.

Inauguration of a high-efficiency cogeneration plant

GETEC inaugurates high-efficiency cogeneration plant

The inauguration of the new cogeneration plant at the SCHOELLERSHAMMER GmbH & Co KG paper mill took place on October 11 in Düren, Germany. This plant supplies the traditional paper company with steam and electricity. The energy service provider GETEC heat & power GmbH planned, financed and constructed the energy generation plant, and is providing additional energy services for several years. Guest of honour Paul Larue, the mayor of Düren, attended the inauguration party with around 80 guests.

The SCHOELLERSHAMMER paper mill was established in 1784 and is among the companies with the longest tradition in Germany today. This year the company considerably expanded its production with a new paper machine. A new energy supply was essential in the course of this production expansion. SCHOELLERSHAMMER placed its trust in the know-how and experience of the energy service provider GETEC that operates across Europe. GETEC was tasked with developing a highly economical and environmentally friendly solution that takes the particularities of the location into account.

“We did not build a normal combined heat and power plant for the SCHOELLERSHAMMER paper mill. We established multiple pillars for the energy supply and developed an efficient, smart and green solution for the traditional company. In doing so, we set the direction for the future. Not only does the new plant cover the current energy demand, it also has ample potential for future production increases,” said Volker Schulz, CEO of GETEC heat & power GmbH in front of some 80 guests at the inauguration party. Düren’s mayor Paul Larue also attended the party and gave a short welcoming speech for the guests.

GETEC developed a multi-module energy supply solution for the paper mill. It is a steam boiler plant with a steam turbine. Not only does this plant module generate a large portion of the steam needed for paper production, it also produces electricity through cogeneration. Thus, the plant is highly efficient.

The second steam boiler is equipped to also burn the biogas produced by the paper mill. A significant step to reduce the carbon footprint has therefore been taken.

Since the plant is designed for multiple fuels, the paper mill has the flexibility to respond to market changes. This forward-looking energy supply solution is particularly environmentally friendly and has clear advantages for SCHOELLERSHAMMER: energy costs remain low and the site’s future is secure. The entire plant with an output of around 200 GWh/a produces up to 77 tons of steam per hour. The output of the steam turbine is 1.022 MWel.

But it was not just the technical concept that convinced the paper mill’s management: GETEC built and is operating the plant under contract. This means that all services from planning and construction to financing, operation, maintenance and upkeep are being provided by GETEC.

“We are very pleased to have GETEC by our side as an energy service provider that has developed an individual concept for us to perfectly meet all our needs and requirements. Since GETEC provides us with an all-round worry-free package, we are free to focus on our core competency, the production of paper,” emphasises Armin Vetter, CEO of SCHOELLERSHAMMER GmbH & Co. KG. The paper mill has brought a strong partner on board with GETEC: the energy service provider has more than 20 years of experience and is the market leader in contracting.

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