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Kotouc Stramberk, Czech Republic

QualiCal has implemented a new PFR lime shaft kiln at Štramberk (CZ) and has assigned the company Carbotechnik being a member of the merger QUALIPOOL with the engineering and the production of a dosing machine of a total of 11 for a QualiCal PFR kiln.

Each shaft of the PFR kiln is being supplied with 12 conveying lines, whereby 2 each are operated by a metering disc. The customer may use either pulverized lignite or pulverized petroleum coke. The maximum quantity of fuel amounts to a total of 2300 kg/h.

The conveying air is being distributed to 12 conveyor lines via a collecting drain which is mounted on a dosing feeder, where a speed measurement is mounted into each conveyor line. Furthermore, there is an option to adapt the quantity due to differences in pressure in the line length and the layout of the line in order to guarantee an optimum conveyance and distribution of the fuel in the kiln.

The dosing machine is equipped for ATEX zone 22.

short descriptionDosing machine for QualiCal PFR lime shaft kiln
capacity kg/hour2300
transported materialPet coke or pulverised lignite

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