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HeidelbergCement AG, site Istein

HeidelbergCement AG produces lime and lime products in two plants in Germany:
• Istein plant: Heidelberger Kalk
• Regensburg plant: Walhalla Kalk
The Istein site is one of the largest and most modern lime works in Southern Germany.
The lime in its various commercial forms is used in the manufacturing of iron and steel, in the building industry, pollution control, paper and glass manufacturing, in the chemical industry and in road construction.
A DN2400 dosing system with 7 dosing discs (2 outputs each) including external filter was designed, manufactured and installed for the combustion of pulverised lignite to dry limestone.

short descriptionDosing system for lime kiln 7x2 dosing units bar
capacity kg/hour3500
transported materialPulverised lignite

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