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The ECL (Européenne des Chaux et Liant) lime works in France (near Lyon) are part of the "Groupe Saint Hilaire". Instead of gas, the plant's existing GGR kiln was going to be fired with pulverised pet coke and/or pulverised lignite in the future. ECL received technical consulting services from FIBAC (a member of the Lhoist Group) for this project. Since the plant only had one kiln, particular attention was paid to the reliability and availability of the new system

QualiCal and Carbotechnik performed this retrofit as a joint project. QualiCal addressed the conveying requirements, and Carbotechnik supplied the dosing system. The dosing system is equipped with 4 dosing discs, each of which has 2 outputs and one external filter. The required dust volume per cycle is measured with the help of load cells and supplied to the shaft kiln at a uniform rate within the specified time by the dosing discs.

short descriptionDosing system for regenerative shaft kiln 4x2 dosing units bar
capacity kg/hour2400/1550
transported materialPulverised lignite/Pet coke

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