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Leube GmbH, A-5440 Golling

The LEUBE lime works in Golling supplies high quality lime to the (paper) industry, construction industry, agriculture and forestry and pollution control industries.

Since 2009, Leube has been operating a CT dosing system in the Golling lime works to supply pet coke fuel to an annular shaft lime kiln and a multi-chamber line kiln. In 2013 Carbotechnik added a 120 m³ silo as well as a rotary feeder and horizontal screw conveyor to the system for the conversion to pulverised lignite. Carbotechnik also supplied, installed and commissioned a largely autonomous rail unloading station in 2014.

short descriptionDosing system including conveying system for an annular shaft lime kiln and a multi-chamber lime kiln bar
capacity kg/hour3200
transported materialPet coke or Pulverised lignite

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