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Leube GmbH, Zementwerk, A-5083 St. Leonhard

The LEUBE cement plant in St. Leonhard is one of the world's oldest cement companies. The family-owned company can look back on 175 years of cement manufacturing experience. The high quality cement products produced by Leube are an important resource in the building materials industry and are used in many applications. Whether as a binding agent for concrete or filler material in dentistry, cement has a very broad range of applications.

After a fire in 2013, the dosing system was replaced by Carbotechnik and the silo cone repaired. Among other things, this included the fluidisation air blower, rotary feeder, valve plate, external filter and fittings. The control system or conveyed amount regulation is also implemented with a PLC and visualisation supplied by Carbotechnik. The PLC is integrated with all the functions and messages of the on-site process control system via an Ethernet connection.

The production of cement clinker - a precursor material in cement production - is an energy-intensive process. Each of the rotary kilns can be fired with 6 t/h of pulverised lignite. In order to implement this large delivery rate, 2 dosing discs respectively were connected with a Y-piece.

short descriptionDosing system with 4 dosing units and 4 conveying lines bar
capacity kg/hour12000
transported materialPulverised lignite

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