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Lusical, Portugal

Carbotechnik supplied a dosing system including conveying air control system for the Lusical lime works in Portugal (part of the Lhoist Group). First the system for directing the conveying air into 12 different pipes was installed directly on the dosing system and fully wired. The conveying air duct and the cable tray run in a circle around the dosing system, with branches to the individual dosing units. The customer merely had to install the cable track from the dosing system to the control cabinet and connect the loose cable ends in his control cabinet. The conveying air supply is also generated by a blower supplied by Carbotechnik. Thus the customer's installation effort is reduced to a minimum and the costs can be determined more accurately.
Regulating of the conveying air in the individual lines is fully automated via pneumatic dampers, and either the speed or volume can be used as the control variable. This makes it possible to respond to changes in the lime kiln from the control station in order to achieve optimal burner performance.

short descriptionDosing system with 6x2 dosing units for GGR lime kiln bar
capacity kg/hour1200
transported materialPet coke dust

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