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LHOIST, Dugny-sur-Meuse, France

The lime plant ”Carrières et Fours à Chaux de Dugny“ was founded 1926 in France (near Verdun) and marked the beginning of the international expansion of Lhoist.

The plant already uses different types of fuels. In order to reduce costs, 3 annular shaft kilns were changed to run partially with lignite dust. Each kiln is fed by a different dosing machine, the lower level of burners runs with lignite dust, the upper level with natural gas. Each level consists of 4 lances which are supplied independently with lignite dust.

The scope of supply of Carbotechnik consisted of 3 dosing machines DN1500, each equipped with 4 dosing units, designed for a conveying capacity of 100 – 300 kg/h of lignite dust for each disc. The dosing machines are also equipped with weighing cells for weight comparison and therefore dosing calibration as needed.

Converting another identical kiln to lignite dust is planned for the near future.

short descriptionDosing system with 4 dosing units
capacity kg/hour300
transported materialPulverised lignite

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