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Köhler Kalk GmbH, Meißner

Carbotechnik has equipped an additional QualiCal-GGR furnace with a dosing machine in Germany: the KÖHLER KALK GmbH lime works in Meißner has ordered a new furnace that will be put into operation in 2017. In addition to the dosing system with 3 dosing discs, each with 2 outputs, Carbotechnik also supplied the conveying air distribution system. It was mounted directly on the dosing system to save space and therefore minimises the installation cost for the equipment. Furthermore, all electrical components from the pressure switch to the dosing disc drive were wired to a terminal box mounted on the dosing tank. Everything was laid out for ATEX zone 22 and connected accordingly.

short descriptionDosing machine for QualiCal lime shaft kiln
capacity kg/hour1200
transported materialpulverized lingnite dust

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