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Trocknungsgenossenschaft Wolfratshausen Ost

Green fodder is processed in the Wolfratshausen Ost e.G at the Egling site drying plant.
The drying cooperative produces a total of 8,000 to 10,000 tons of dry grass per year. It is either pressed into highly compressed bales or processed to make pellets. The required heat was previously produced by a liquefied gas firing system with an annual consumption of 700 to 900 tons of butane.
This expensive fuel was replaced with pulverised lignite. To do so, a storage silo (120 m³) and dosing system were installed. The existing burner was replaced with a combo burner capable of handling pulverised lignite and liquefied gas. Switching between fuels is possible with practically no delay.

designHorizontal, Combo burner
stat. pressure abs.1 bar
power MW13
hot-gas temperatur750 °C
combustiblePulverised lignite, liquefied gas

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