List of references: Hot gas generators
Theo Pouw, Eemshaven, Niederlande

Reference Theo Pouw
 The "Theo Pouw Group" is a Dutch company with approx. 400 employees, with a focus on supplying the earthwork, road, hydraulic and concrete engineering industries.
A hot gas generator including pulverised lignite dosing and conveying systems was supplied for the Eemshaven plant. It is required for a thermal purification process. This process is suitable for purifying mineral waste products which are contaminated with organic components, e.g. floors from gas factories, refineries, etc. The exhaust gases have to be heated to over 900°C to render them harmless. The burner with an output of 2.5 MW - 21 MW was used here. It is operated under hypostoichiometric conditions in order to achieve a residual O2 content of approx. 3 % in the post-combustion chamber.

designHorizontal, Combo burner
stat. pressure abs. bar
power MW21
hot-gas temperatur1600 °C
combustiblePulverised lignite / natural gas

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