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Dorfner Gbr. GmbH & Co., 92241 Hirschau

Dorfner Gbr. has once more selected a Carbotechnik hot gas generator for its coloured sand production system.

Quartz sand with a range of grain sizes is coloured in the newly installed system. The sand is first introduced into a circulating fluidised bed. Air supplied from beneath lifts and mixes the sand, and the pigments and binding agent are sprayed in through nozzles. This is followed by a heating phase to coat the sand. For process technology reasons, the hot gas must be supplied without any delay. After a cool-down phase, the material is unloaded and the process repeats.

Carbotechnik supplied the hot gas generator including control system for this plant. Interfacing it with the new process control system was implemented via a data interface. This interface provides the customer with all process-relevant process values and operating messages. The system was also equipped with a secure remote connection. Since the complete system is a prototype, updates have to be accounted for. This work can now be performed quickly and cost-effectively via remote maintenance.

stat. pressure abs.1 bar
power MW1
hot-gas temperatur125 °C
combustibleNatural gas

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