List of references: Hot gas generators
VG-Orth GmbH, 37626 Stadtoldendorf

VG-Orth GmbH is a company that can look back on over 125 years of gypsum production. The successful Multigips brand is found in dry construction as well building with dry gypsum mortar. A hot gas generator including brown coal dust dosage and conveying was supplied for the plant in Stadtoldendorf. This burner is used to heat (bake) the gypsum rock. Crystallisation water is removed from the gypsum rock in this process, and can be reabsorbed when the end product is mixed with water (setting). The burner is operated with an output of 0.8 MW – 4.0 MW (natural gas) or 1.6 MW – 4.0 MW (brown coal dust) for this purpose. The hot gas temperature is in the control range of 600°C–700°C.

Our scope of delivery includes:

Since the customer had difficulties with the brown coal dust supply to an existing burner in the past, it was integrated into our dosage system. The interface to the brown coal dust supply of this burner was realised as part of the overall order.

Putting the entire system into operation and optimising it, including the integration of the third-party burner, was realised in just 2 weeks.

designHorizontal, combination burner
stat. pressure abs.1 bar
power MW4
hot-gas temperatur600-700 °C
combustiblePulverised lignite, natural gas

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